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Mini Paintings for sale soon!

I am in the process of working on my site, after being inactive on it for a while. The goal is to have affordable work for sale through the store, and the ability to mail it out anywhere. I’ve been doing smaller paintings for the last several months, which are 6x8” oils on birch panels. They are light, sturdy, and best of all, affordable! I cut the panels myself, prime them with acrylic gesso, and frame them once completed. The purchase price is around $160-200. This includes all applicable tax, shipping and they come framed up and ready to hang! I realize $200 is nothing to sneeze at these days, but I want to emphasize that these are pure, original oil paintings. They are one of a kind pieces that can adorn any space. Some are studies done in order to test ideas and color palettes for larger pieces, some are done as practice in the spare hours I can find throughout the day or night, and some are plein air pieces, meaning they are done out in nature in order to capture a moment in the day and my reaction to it.

Everyone keep a lookout for the new store page, I will get it ironed out soon!

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