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Just start

I've had the urge to post the last month plus, We have moved, and that has taken a lot of time away from painting, mentally and physically. I wanted to come back on with some grand statement, but have found that has inhibited rather than helped- so I'm posting now, just a start, something to get out into the ether.

I've kept sketchbook/ journals since my sophomore year in college. A random thing I wrote down a few days ago- "we are riding waves of possibility" ... figure that one out! And another- "art is created when you aren't trying to communicate with a perceived audience, but with yourself"

Jotting down phrases, ideas and sketches has been a part of life for over half of it. Maybe that's what I should let guide a post.

This is a work in progress painting of a little beach path between streets near our new house. Which is, for the time being, is a 570sqare foot condo. 4 people, with the boys getting the only bedroom. It's actually very comfortable, has its challenges, but it is in the area we want to live , which makes up for a lot! Cheers from the coast!

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