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Works in progress, with a new palette of colors

24x36” oil on canvas, wip

As the sun takes up its place in the dome of the morning sky, the waves continue to roll in, and it seems every color of the rainbow presents itself in some form or fashion. From the wet lines of sand made from the receding water, to reflections of the sky in the mirrored slick, in the white foam of the curling waves, and the blues, purpled greys and muted whites of the clouds, color is everywhere. Not in gaudy screams, but making its way around edges, broken into various unnameable hues and shades.

A new set of colors have found a place on my palette, and their potency is evident in so many paintings I see. Used full strength, they quickly become abrasive, prickly and aggressive. Everyone shouting, and no one heard. These paintings are initially exciting, but become boring like a monotoned orator, and shallow in their emotion. I seek the power of these hues, and their ability to reach higher pitches, but want to do it in a way that is more like a good song. One unified by its rhythm, and having a build up and climax, with a few surprises thrown in along the way.

24x48” oil on linen, wip

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