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Happy New Year!

As I write this, I can't believe it's already nearing the end of January! I hope everyone's holiday season was great, and, looking forward to the upcoming year, I am planning moves to realize some resolutions I've set for myself.

First is to write a post! I've kept sketchbooks and journals for going on 23 years. Personal ideas, theories, random bits and sketches fill books in many shapes and sizes. It is in those that I really let loose and confront many of the things floating around in my head. I think what I'm going to do with this blog is to begin to pull from those and use the seeds as starts for posts on here.

I think the best for today, though, is to get a new image out, since it's been a while. There's some more below the image, but in order to show a new piece I'll go ahead and introduce that here! Just completed a 24x48" oil on linen of the Fort Macon trail- this is the last rise on the beach side before seeing the parking lots at the bottom of the dunes. It's framed in a warm silver floater, and I'll be running it over to Oysterbelle early this next week. It's in the studio at the moment and available for viewing if anyone has interest!

Ok, back to a little more posting-

Last year was a blur, and in many ways transformative. I spent the majority of the year working on myself, both in my work and mentally. There is too much to unpack in one post, but I imagine pieces of my endeavors will leach out over the course of future posts and writings. I fell off the social media cliff last year for myriad reasons. One of which was/is a growing mistrust of the companies that collect and catalogue the vast amount of information that people put out there about themselves. All that data for uses we can't even comprehend or fathom. I can guarantee it's not just being used to sell you something... (insert future post here)

So I turned 50 last year and had no idea the impact it would invariably take on my mental state. I think that coupled with the passing of my father earlier in the year before created a mental snowball that took the better part of the year to work out. I'm looking forward to the possibilities of this new year with a still evolving mindset, trying to stay present and taking things as they come. More on this later as well.

Enough for now, let's just hit post!

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1 Comment

Jan 23, 2023

Sunday Sunrise I really like…how much$ for this amazing piece?

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