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Drawing and painting

I've been doing a lot of site work over the past year in pen and ink and watercolor. I find that hat it put me in a frame of mind where I wasn't concerned with the actual final product, but more in tune with the process and the act of creating itself. It's very freedom ng to not have to think about the sale, and can concentrate on just being in the moment. I would then bring these sketches back to the studio, along with phone pics, and work to create an oil based on both- this is one of those attempts. Conch's point has become a new go to spot close to the studio for the past year- always a different vibe depending on time of day, tide and weather conditions. I've ended up with a small series of this one spot, looking west. I was attracted to the random display of rocks and shells that appears during low tide. The sketch is 14x17" and the painting 16x20" - it will be on sale soon online/ come see it or inquire if you're interested! Jc

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