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Welcome to my store! 


 I now have paintings for sale, available right here on site! I am offering art in several sections. There are Mini paintings, which are original oils on 6x8" and 6x12" , 1 1/2" cradled hardboard panels, painted in a mid toned grey on their sides. I will ship free anywhere in the US and will make arrangements to ship anywhere else for a fair price to be discussed with the buyer.   

 I have my Larger oil paintings in their own section. These pieces can range in sizes from 9x12" up to around 36x48" . They can be painted on stretched linen and cotton, linen covered panels, or primed panels. All paintings come framed and ready to hang! I am working at the moment on shipping costs for these, and will ship free in the US up to 16x20" , after which I will work with the buyer for to come up with a fair shipping price.


 I am now beginning to offer original sketches, watercolors and other media here!

Questions before you purchase? Feel free to contact me!

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