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Sunday Sunrise 24x36”

Here’s an oil on canvas, framed in my last silver floater in this size, just finished today! Another attempt at doing the effects of light from the sun, when it’s included in the picture. I’ve been doing these studies in the mini size, which are all 6x8” - such a fun challenge to get that light. I decided on a different set of colors for this one as well, and am using ‘modern’ colors, which are more transparent than my normal palette and are more intense. I’m still sticking with a limited range, here just using 3 colors and white. They are hansa yellow, magenta, and pthalo blue, with permalba white. Such lively greys with these!

The painting is already in my store, and am taking it over to Oysterbelle tomorrow, so it can get some more viewing than it would in my studio!

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