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Sketching daily

Lately, I’ve become accustomed to sketching a couple pages a day in my Moleskine. I either sketch what’s close, as in the vacuum by the front door of the studio...

or I’ll actually get out and do some site sketching. The only parameters are that I don’t intentionally plan or look ahead in the drawing. I see something I like, I get the pen out and I dive in and trust whatever comes out. I try to get in a flow. Once I feel my concentration begin to wane, I stop, get the watercolors ready, and go for a one or 2 shot splash, again concentrating on staying present and in the moment. Here are 2 from a favorite spot. I’ve been going out to radio island after I drop off my oldest for swim practice at 6am! So it’s been nice getting out early and sketching before hitting the studio.

Sketching is such a wonderful way to stay present and in the moment. It has become a sort of meditation for me.

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