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Going for the larger idea

Attempting to go from handheld to holding a wall!

So here is a 24x36 inch vertical I’m beginning, using the 6x8” as a study. The rising sun emerging from the low hanging moisture in the air, the soft purple/grey clouds that zig zag down to the ball of sun, and the softness of the view as a whole just make me want to try and capture it all on a larger scale. I am anchoring the view with some sea oats at the bottom, in hopes of pushing the idea of hazy morning light through the contrast of the darker grass, which is close, and the further sky dome, which is affected by the moisture in the air. My goal is to keep it simple in application, like the small painting. What I have loved about these minis is the simplicity and directness of them. You can’t fiddle around too much with a small surface while using piles of paint and a larger brush! And if you’d like to see the mini up closer, it is in my store. Have a great weekend, update will come soon! Jc

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