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Core Banks Kitchen #3

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

So, in beginning to re-arrange the studio and get set for a new year of work, I got this 16x20” out- a painting I’ve always loved but couldn’t quite get it where I wanted it. The problem was the strong contrast needed between the window and the interior. I had made it a warm white originally, but the thing was, you needed to see the view out. This is a specific place that draws importance from where it is, which is on a small island on the Core Banks. Every stick in this place had to be brought over on a boat, which makes the small, two story fish camp, all the more impressive! So I added a semblance of environment outside, and still tried to maintain a brightness from the window, by under painting what surrounds the immediate area. I like this better than it was. I’m going to get a silver floater around it, and get it in the store. It will be $1600.00 and may exit the studio and head over to Vision Gallery here in Morehead City. Lee has a great space and I so hate she is heading inland soon.

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