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What's this all about?

So I've been thinking a lot about what I want this blog to be about. I have written in a previous post about this subject, but have kept things mostly art related. But, you know, how would it be to expand on this and not just stick to the "surface", so to speak.

I've always kept journals and my sketchbooks have plenty of pages of writing and ideas in them, going back to my first glimmers of wanting to paint full time in the early 90's, while still in Design School at NC State. I have notebooks jammed with words and pictures, expressing my aspirations, fears, failures, successes, doubts, ramblings, observations, etc. The thing is, maybe this blog should the place of that, because I feel this will be easier for me to access, and actually be able to organize ideas in some sort of way where I can go back and find thoughts I've had about whatever subject. Plus, it may be good for others to be able to see the things I think about.

I have constant conversations with myself regarding what to paint, how to paint it, processes, and viewpoints. I mean, really this will probably be mostly for me anyway. I wonder, in the environment of today, nobody is going to sit down and read through a bunch of word rambling anyway... there are just too many things tugging for our attention, and people don't sit and read anymore, do they?

Then it's settled. I'll use this as at least a supplement to my writings in other places. Hell, I've kind of fallen off of that anyway, with 2 kids and constantly squeezing time in to paint more. I'll go through phases of writing and sketching, then fall off for a while, then come back to it... this will hopefully create a little more pressure to get back to a more regular schedule of putting thoughts to paper, er, computer. And maybe this will live on in digital space as a record of my being here. And maybe it will give those that want to look a little more depth of who I am as a very flawed human being. Anyhoo, enough about this. Let's begin to peel this onion, and discover the eye-watering scent of my psyche!

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