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Hello there!

I was hoping to keep this blog a little more regular than I have. The problem, as I see it, is that it's too much work to write in my journal, draw and paint, and then come on my computer and write about what I'm doing as well as download pics and put them up here... I'm lazy in this regard. I was hoping I would be able to blog and update my site on my iPad, but the platform isn't supported. Therefore, we get blog posts every 2 months! If I could just get in the habit of doing this, maybe we could break the 2 month barrier and really get to blogging... at least once a month! I will make more of an effort:)

So what have I been up to since March? Painting, of course! I've spent the spring playing around with different media and subjects, moving from watercolor to ballpoint pen, to gouache, and back to oil. I've started painting many sketches in oil on little 6x8" birch panels. They are perfect for experimenting, painting different weather effects, and generally having fun capturing little vistas using a rather large brush and thickish paint. Some are more finished pieces, but most are completed within 30-45 minutes and meant to be loose, just trying to grab an idea. I love doing them because they are not time suckers, but allow you to make a relatively complete statement and keep practicing your plein air skills.

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