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Sometimes you gotta have fun

So, I realize I am extremely fortunate to do what I love as a career. I get to create art for a living! I paint almost every day of the week. But, like any other job that one does full time, I get burned out and need a recharge. What do I do for fun? Create more art! I draw, sketch, play at creating card games, and color with my 2 boys. Last week, we took some note cards and I showed them how I used to make flip books on note pads when I was a kid. These are drawings done on a pad, where the next one is a little different than the previous one. When you flip the pages fast, the pictures move and you have a cartoon! There was never a safe note pad around the house when I was young... they all had shooting stick men, falling rocks, spaceships flying, usually things blowing up. So much fun, I'd spend hours making these simple toons. Well, in 2017, I said to myself, there has to be an app for that! Sure enough, I found FlipaClip for my iPad, and now I have a new addiction! Presenting my first digital flip book, created over the loose hours I had last week. And I'm already close to done on another one. Never grow up! Enjoy the piece I call Gust...

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