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This is an experiment

I don't blog. Or, I should say, I did for a bit, but I haven't in a long while. With all the other media stuff, why bother? And, I can't type, so it takes too long to do anyway. And I can never stick with it. I'll be good for a few posts and then peter out. Why embarrass myself by even putting anything out there that could be incriminating, or inflammatory, or showing my ignorance, or my flaws? Just stick to the dry facts, and art related and everything will be fine. I've written in sketchpads and journals for years. Random thoughts, ideas, experiments, revelations, doodles, stream of consciousness blathering. I have more than a decade's worth of it. Hidden away in numerous places, probably never to be seen or read. Perhaps that is a good thing. But I was thinking, what if I could just put some things on here occasionally. It might be fun... or not. Let's be positive and say it'll be great!

These are all pics from my most recent sketchbook, which houses some of the writing I mentioned above, as well as drawings done with bic ballpoint pens. A New Years resolution was to draw more, try to do it every day. So I got serious around February 6, and have since done quite a few inks. The top photo depicts a set of blind contour drawings, which are made by only looking at the subject as you draw. The results are a little skewed, but the sensitivity of the line can really be admired. I love doing these.

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