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Works in progress!

This time of year inspires so much. The weather is warm, but less humid, the colors of waning summer turn from all green to greens, yellows, oranges and reds. The sky shows Off it’s variety with shifting weather, and the general pace around the coast begins to slow just a bit. I’ve been out sketching and taking in the local views recently, and am working on several pieces that display our natural beauty.

These are all works in progress!

30x48” oil on canvas- Morning on the Calico -

this one is focused on getting those late summer greens and layered clouds

30x40” oil on canvas- late day on the Core Sound, Atlantic NC- I’m working on the sky and continuing to shape the foreground, with its raking, late day light. Thanks to the Smiths for their beautiful home and scenery right from the yard!

This 30x40” is just getting underway good, and it is the flats and marsh of Carrot Island - im aiming to keep her looser and more abstracted- have been falling in love with Winslow Homer again!

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