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WIP- 24x48” the ‘Patsy Carolyn’

Updated: Mar 9, 2022

I’ve been working on a new 24x36” oil on linen of a boat that was a fixture at my favorite spot, Radio Island. A victim of Hurricane Florence, she was pulled out and destroyed last spring, and I have a picture of that last day hanging at the Mattie King Davis Gallery, in Beaufort. It is also available in my store, ‘the last morning of the Patsy Carolyn’ - framed in a warm silver floater, seen below-

I wanted to get one more of her, and am also playing with some new ideas regarding my

palette of colors and simplifying the subject. My goal with this piece is to show the intense light of morning, and play with the color of grey!

The palette being used utilizes modern pigments in a limited triad of hansa yellow, magenta, and pthalo blue, with white. These are all intense, transparent colors, and I’m having fun with the challenge of something unusual for me. I traditionally use a limited palette of cadmiums and ultramarine blue- these are the colors of the impressionists, and are thick, opaque and grey down to earthy tones easily. But these modern colors can stay intense in mixes, and the only opacity comes from the titanium white. Stay tuned, stay safe! Jc

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