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“United 4” Watercolor

Here is a recently framed piece from my collection of watercolor sketches. It is one of many old, abandoned structures that can be found anywhere near major highways and roads throughout the US. This one is in an area near my birthplace. The sign attracted me, and I stayed for the architecture! Using the technique of creating a fun contour drawing first, I then dropped in the watercolor. Just a sliver of Highway 301 is on the bottom, allowing me to relate the yellow road line with the wonderful yellow of the sign.

I am beginning to put work back up in my store, and am excited to start a new section for sketches, watercolors and gouache pieces. I don’t know if they will all be framed, but will probably have mats cut for most sketches. This way they will be ready to drop into a standard size frame you could get at places that sell frames, like Michaels, Blick’s, Jerry’s or big box craft stores.

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