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The day’s experiment

I stepped out back of the studio first thing this morning and did a small sketch, without thinking too much, just 10 minutes to draw something outside. I chose an old shed with the morning sun laying a dappled light over the front of its leaning yellow facade.

Now, the project involved painting a small 9x12” oil from the sketch and its notes alone. I chose a primary palette of cad yellow light, alizarin permanent, and ultramarine blue, with titanium/zinc white. I usually use straight titanium, but am out at the moment. It turned into a fun little session. I only committed to spend an hour and a half, and this could probably use some reassessment, but it’s merely an exercise, and it was fun pulling the color out of my memory! I’m going out with some watercolors next, I think. Have a great day! JC

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