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Stormy sky- a work in progress 30x20” oil painting

I have a renewed interest in trying to simplify the elements in my paintings. By that I mean not getting lost in the details. In this new landscape/skyscape painting, I have blocked in as simply as I can, and going for the feel of the light breaking off of the water and around the large cloud mass as my primary subject. Everything else needs to support that idea.

I am working this one up from an old photo I took near our house, one that is too dark because of the blasting light off of the water. So once all is roughed in, I am going to attempt to use my memory and knowledge to adjust the tones to give the painting more air and atmosphere. These are the first steps in this work in progress, and I’ll post the final once completed. I am still going to try and keep the painting from losing the power it has in the early stages... it seems the more you work on and refine a painting, the more of a chance of killing that initial impression. We shall see! Jc

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