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Honest sketching

It’s rainy and dreary this morning, I’m working on commissions, and am committing myself, yet again!, to daily sketching. I go through phases where I’m heavy on it, then, get into reading, playing with music, working only on paintings, anything but cracking open the sketchbook. I’m not totally out of practice with mark making, but if you don’t do certain media, like watercolor or pencil sketching, you kinda lose he flow that you establish when doing it daily- so therefore, I am back on it starting now!

A 10 or so minute sketchbook piece done in pen- with loose watercolor washes in 1 pass. I focused on the chimney first, so that’s where I started- contour lines and free flowing mixes- no rules, just looking and recording, sometimes drawing without looking at the paper. I’m gong to strive for at least one or 2 of these a day.

Outside from the studio window- rainy an dark

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