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Home is where the art is!

Hi all! I’m putting the blog back together, to try and get my small view out there, and into the digital ether...for whatever it may be worth! This had been a year for the records, and I’m sure everyone out there feels the same way. A GLOBAL PANDEMIC?! Really?! Things have certainly been historically different for our family since March. It has changed me in ways I’m just beginning to recognize. More on all that maybe later... I’m going to start with small bites. No need to get too grand and never get a blog post completed!!😄 (Which is also one of my constant struggles in the realm of painting, exacerbated by the social conditions of the pandemic... I could now fill a blog post with this subject... but NO, let’s stay focused! The point of this post will be... the joy of being at home and drawing what’s close. And doing it without thinking of anything other than the act of looking and translating what you see onto the paper, without imposing any system, or thinking of a final product.

I love doing contour drawings, both regular, blind and almost blind contours. Let yourself go with the pencil or pen, drawing on the paper while looking at the subject you are drawing. You are tracing the outlines of the subject with your eyes, and imagining your pencil is where your eye is, drawing those outlines on the paper. When you only look at the subject and draw, without looking at the paper, you are drawing blind. If you never look at the paper, it is a true blind contour. I call them almost blind if you draw some, look at the paper, get your bearings and draw some more. I’ll usually label my drawings b.c. or a.b.c. depending upon what I do.

I also just draw in a more conventional manner, sketching general shapes first, and gradually bringing the picture together. Most of my drawings take only a few minutes. Some get a little wash of watercolor. It all depends on my mood and the time I want to spend looking. I’ve included some examples below. I think I’ll stop here for this post. Stay safe, and follow the guidance of the health experts so we can all get back to whatever the new normal will be! JC

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