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Hello Friends!

So much has been happening this Spring, and I’ll get to some of it over the next posts, but I did want to talk a little about the joy of seeing pieces that left the studio, and then get to come ‘visit’ for their final varnish! It’s always good to see how they hit me once they have been away a while. When possible, I varnish before the painting leaves the studio. Usually though, they need to come back for their free protective layer. I always give a painting at least 4-6 months of drying before brushing on a final gloss varnish, in order to allow the piece to dry thoroughly. This way, we have a structurally sound piece of art that will be protected from environmental pollutants for our lifetimes. Varnish is an important step that gives piece of mind to me and the owner of the painting. It is a finish that can be removed in the future without damaging the underlying paint (as long as it has been applied properly over a fully dry paint layer!) It adds an even gloss over the whole painting and enhances and deepens the colors. Here are 3 recent pieces that left over the holiday season and have returned for a few hours to get their last touches from me. Thank you so much to all of my patrons and supporters! Big things are happening around the studio, and will be revealed soon!

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