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Frames make a difference

It’s an unfortunate reality, but framing is an essential part of a painting. It finishes the piece and either adds or subtracts from the look of the painting. I’ve learned this the hard way over the years and tens of thousands of dollars in buying frames. The stacks of old frames littering the studio attest to the fact that they are subject to trends and tastes on top of everything else that an artist has to consider when trying to tie his or her work together. I went from gaudy large gold frames in the early 2000’s, to slimmer carved gold frames, to thin wood frames, and now Ive settled on silver ‘floater’ frames for my work… and I love them! These are not the cold silver ones, but more of a champagne colored effect due to a warming glaze over the silver leaf. They finish my work in a way that doesn’t draw the eye away from the actual work, yet adds a little sparkle around the piece and sets it like a jewel in a simple setting. Here is a painting I have always loved, but I think it has been held back with the original frame I had around it. I’m not going to show the old one, because I want to show this painting in its new light! For sale in my store - have a great week!

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