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Curious Jim’s?

I’ve had more than the dream of becoming fine artist in my life. It started back in college, while enjoying my time at State and playing around in Design School. My painting at the time was a mix of stream of consciousness imagery floating around in space, and more Pop Art styled, graphic images. What was created in oil and acrylic should have been the basis for... T shirts.

Sketchbooks and journals have been a mainstay for me since that time, and there have been a great number of one liners, random thoughts, and sketches, what I think is perfect T shirt fodder, buried in decades worth of paper. It may not all be good, or appropriate, and a lot of corny ones I’m sure, but why not throw some of them out there, now that I can?

So, Curious Jim’s Artisanal Tees is born! There are only a few pieces up now, with more hand drawn pieces coming, but this is just for fun anyway. The designs are on super soft Bella+Canvas brand tees, with my logo on a back label! Check em out here @

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