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Back from Work/vaca!

We spent last week in beautiful Nags Head on the Outer Banks, in a traditional beach front cottage, with unobstructed views on the west side of Jockey’s Ridge... we were living “high on the hog” for sure! I was there for commission research, and a welcome getaway from our own coastal town for a bit. I ended up doing a fair amount of sketching around the property as well. So many interesting features, I barely scratched the surface! The week went too quickly, as any getaway. But now it’s back to work time, and I’ve got some great material for future studio pieces!

Here’s a few sketches of interesting views in and around the cottage. Most of my sketches are very quick, five minutes or less. Others can take up to an hour, depending on how much time I have and how focused I can stay in a period of time. I feel sketches are the most true and closest to me that I can get. They are usually just for me, and can be rather rough. But even in the fastest scribble, sometimes just a blind contour, I can look at it and it helps me recall not as much the actual reality, but the feeling I had and what I was thinking is still there.

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