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A new one in progress!

A new wave is taking shape in the studio, a 20x30 inch oil on linen. I usually start with a quick block in, using my 3 color palette and a generous amount of thinner. As I progress, I try to pay attention to the way the wave is forming and the patterns of foam present in the resource picture. There comes a point when I put the picture to the side, and continue to form the wave, as well as looking at the foam patterns, a d begin to adjust those to flow the way I want them to go, which hopefully, enhances the image.

I’ve found that sometimes the randomness of the foam patterns in a picture destroys the impression of form or movement you are trying to convey. That is why I feel it necessary to put the pic aside, or else you are bound to copy it, consciously or subconsciously. We will see where this one ends up, I already have the frame for it, just need to get the piece where I want it. And, in that respect I am going for an impressionistic feel in its surface. I do not want a photographic representation, but one that conveys the movement of the water and the transience of the moment. Nothing in reality is still, every moment flows into the next without the pause of 1/250ths of a second! Have a great week! Jc

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