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The Womble White Series

I love rust! I can't escape that about me. I try to get away from it and paint other things, but it always brings me back. So, in the vein of keeping things fun and fresh, and upholding my new guiding philosophy of life, I have begun work on...

The Womble White Series !!! A collection of paintings really giving focus to my subject through the elimination of all distracting background elements, leaving the subjects shape and surface as the focus. They have been incredibly fun to do so far, and I see doing as many as will make a good series! I feel the white gives a modern feel to a usually traditional subject, and it allows me to play with the rust, the decay and the incredibly rich surface of the subject... They present nicely in a 1" maple frame. I hope y'all enjoy them as much as I enjoy making them!

oil painting of 4 rusty lawn chairs on a white background

"Color Line" 24x36" oil on canvas. Sold.

A rusty GMC truck isolated on a white background

"GMC Me" 24x30" oil on linen. Available here.

oil painting of 2 views of the same green, rusty lawn chair on a white background

"Self Reflection" 22x28" oil on linen panel. Available here.

oil painting of a rusty, dry docked tug boat on a white background

"Wahoo!" 24x30" oil on linen. Available here.

There are also a growing number of paintings for sale through my website, as well as small prints!! These are images from my own personal sketchbooks, the originals usually around 6x8"- The prints are hand signed and numbered in editions of 100. Great as gifts, and priced for anyone. A larger 13x19" size will be coming soon for certain images. Thanks so much for your support, and look forward to seeing you at the Red Arrow Studio!!

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