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The Move Continues

I am sooo ready to start painting again! But I am still getting the new space ready, and moving loads in from the old studio. It's like a clown car, that place... how could so much stuff be in there?! I leave the old studio every day, feeling like I'm making headway, then return the next morning, and... dammit! Where did all this other stuff come from? However, I do finally feel like the end is near. I've got huge bags of garbage left, many quarts of random paint that is probably no good, as well as a big table and another rolling work table. But I've moved literally well over 200 paintings, frames, paints, easels, photos, cards, books, still life props, etc. into the new space, and realized I needed to find places to begin putting it all. I got 2 small dressers, and a funky cabinet thingy from the habitat re-store today, and have already filled them up with the crazy amount of small stuff that accumulates in a working studio. I am hoping next week will find me standing in front of an easel with a brush in my hand!!

photo showing stuff in the new studio

Photo showing stuff in the new studio

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