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Happy New Year!!

So what is this news that is sooo big?!

Well, ladies and gentlemen, after considerable thought and consideration,

I have news that is both exciting, and very scary for a risk averse personality like mine.

But I feel the time is right,

and I am proud to announce,

that it is time for me to move on...

from a studio space I have known and loved for the past 5 years...

to a new space ...

right on Arendell St,

in downtown Morehead City !!!

1103-A Arendell St will be the new home of Jimmy Craig Womble II Studio and Gallery!!! More space, Beautiful north light, easy access, street front visibility, great parking on the street and in a lot located right behind the building, heat and air, ... did I mention more space?

History PlaceCarteret Contemporary Art and I will be surrounded by great businesses, between Cote Boutique and Jake's Menswear, across from the History Place and Carteret Contemporary Art , right in the thick of the burgeoning downtown Morehead City scene! I am so excited to become a part of the growth the town we've called home since 2005. Yes, it is bittersweet. I absolutely love Beaufort, it's great residents, and the love they have shown me over the years. I hope to still be a part of the Beaufort community, and will always treasure the time I have spent in America's Coolest Small Town! I want to give a special shout out to my man David Robert, who allowed a struggling artist to begin a career away from the home studio I had worked in since becoming a full time artist. His contribution cannot be appreciated enough! And to all the Beaufortians who have supported me through buying my paintings, prints, and cards through the years, I want to send my deepest gratitude. I hope, with the new bridge, some of you will actually cross that barrier and come see me in my new space- I know how hard that is:)! I feel 2018 is going to be a seminal year, and I am ready to get it going y'all!! Share as much as you'd like, I want to get the word out:) Look for more details soon, I'll be beginning this transition immediately, and hope to be up and creating in Morehead by the beginning of February.

Happy New Year, everybody!!

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