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Huuuuge News for the New Year!

I have a secret... I'm holding on to it until we celebrate the turning of the calendar to 2018! But it is big y'all, and I am bursting!!! But for now, I wanted to take one last opportunity to thank you all for making my dream of being a full time artist a reality for the past 13 years. Without the support of my family, friends, and patrons, I would be painting houses, or selling groceries, or greeting folks at Wal Mart.

I spent my junior and high school years in Civil Air Patrol and JROTC, both related to the Air Force, and toyed with the idea of trying to become a pilot in the U.S.A.F. I decided to forego the ROTC program at NC State, and started in the Engineering program, before applying to and entering the School of Design in my sophomore year. I graduated Cum Laude from NC State's SOD with a degree in Environmental Design, and almost a minor in philosophy. But, according to a survey filled out when I was in kindergarten, I've always wanted to be an artist. Not a graphic designer, product designer, industrial designer, architect or any of the other superb matriculations I could have specialized in at the School of Design. I know, because Ma showed me the paper not too long ago! Just the generalized denomination of ARTIST. I've settled on the medium of oil paint, and have spent the past 22 years working to become a fine artist. I am setting the stage for 2018 to be the beginning of a new era in my career, and I cannot be more excited! All will be revealed... tomorrow. Happy New Years Eve to you all!

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