Core Banks Kitchen #2 is a 16x20” oil painting on linen, presented in a carved, gold toned, 2 inch plain air frame, really setting off the cool tones in the painting itself.  
   This piece was originally painted in 2016, after trips out to the Core Banks in coastal North Carolina, between Atlantic and Portsmouth Island. There were numerous fish camps built along the string of islands on the sound side of the Outer Banks of NC. I think the years, changing times and regulations, and storms have battered away many of the camps. This painting captures the homey interior of one of these encampments. It’s even more impressive when you think of building these out on a secluded island where you have to bring in all materials on a boat!
   I recently re-worked the piece in and around the window area. It was originally a washed out white, but I felt, in order to illustrate the location that makes this place so special, I had to include an impression of what lies outside this elevated A- frame structure. I tried to strike a balance between being able to see out, but still maintain the effect of brightness streaming in through the window. I added impressionistic strokes around the window, to imitate the effect of looking into a bright light source. I feel happy with how it ended up!

Core Banks kitchen #3